We updated our online store Roubloff.com!

March 19, 2018
We updated our online store Roubloff.com!

We've waited so long for this!

And finally, it is time to introduce you to the new website of the online store Roubloff.com

What has changed:

  • Bonus point

We have so many regular customers for whom we have made a cumulative points system.
Now, making purchases on our site, you save up bonuses that can be paid 100% of the order! Yes, Yes, the whole order and not add a single cent from your wallet

  • Images

Each brush can be zoomed up to 5 times! Every hair will be visible
And also we added photos of all sizes of brushes for manicure, now you will not guess what size 5/0 differs from 10/0, and will be able to visually compare

  • Characteristics

Now you can compare several brushes with each other.
To do this, just add all your favorite brushes to the comparison list and it will show you the differences in pile, color, length, etc.

  • Personal account

Each user can create a personal account on our website, where bonus points will be accumulated, information about delivery will be stored, and it will be possible to track the status of your order

  • Rating products

Rate each brush and leave feedback about it, and now it can be done on the new site!

  • Delivery

Now, when ordering, you can choose a convenient way of delivery and transport company, and the site will automatically calculate the cost and time of arrival of the order

  • Online payment

Pay for the order immediately, by card, directly on the website, and safe!

  • Design

And, of course, a new design!
Simple, stylish, where there is nothing superfluous, and nothing will prevent you from easily choosing the necessary brushes and make a purchase

  • Gift certificate

And also, very soon you will be able to give gift certificates!


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