Roubloff 1T34 - Oval brush from mongoose imitation

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Oval brush with short length-out from synthetic mongoose imitation is more durable than squirrel hair and, at the same time, more flexible than bristle.
This quality allows you to paint with watercolor, ink, gouache, and acrylic.
Chrome plated brass ferrule securely fixes fibres with short glossy handle.

Oval shape allows to control stokes applying along the contour and move from think lines to thin by changing pressure and hand angle.
The brush is excellent for filling in areas, rounded objects of still life, smooth face contour

Application: Oil, Acrylic, Watercolor, Gouache, Tempera

Stiffness: 1

  • For artists
Hair shape:
  • Oval
  • Synthetic
Handle color:
  • Clear lacquer
  • Birch
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