Roubloff 1Y47 - Rigger brush from ox hair

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Rigger brush from ox hair is a version of round brushes with extended long hair.

This series has seamless chrome plated brass ferrule and matt black long handle. Prolonged brush head functions as reservoir having great color-holding capacity, what lets you paint continuous fine lines without spaces. This brush type is particularly suited to more linear style of illustrators and designers, to lettering and calligraphyWatercolor brush from mix of squirrel and synthetic is a worthy replacement of standard squirrel brush.

Thick and flexible hairs are tightly fixed with chrome plated brass ferrule. Lacquer impregnation of the handle prevents the possible ingress of moisture and provides long-term viability of the brush.

This series is a perfect tool for different techniques, where it is necessary to designate recognizable shape of the objects, for example fluffy clouds, crowns of trees, city buildings and citizens. Thin brush tip lets paint long lines and increase its width by pressing

Application: Watercolor, Oil, Tempera

Stiffness: 2

  • For artists
Hair shape:
  • Liner/Striper
  • Ox hair
Handle color:
  • Black
  • Birch
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